A blog that I'll 'attemp' to maintain (if not just pictures) of my Saltwater Hobby

March 11, 2012 - A starfish update


So after the tank got done cycling, I waited a week and then on the 23rd of February I picked up

1 Brittle Sea Star 8 Cerith Snails 1 Mexican Turbo Snail

here is a pic of some of them during the acclimation

I let them clean up the place until the 5th of March, then I drip acclimated my entire 6 Gallon tank over 6 hours.

pic of the prep to acclimate

It has been a week since then (today being the 11th of March). Here are two videos I took (with my cellphone) just two days after adding the livestock to the cube.

My clownfish hosting its RBTA in their new home <- they have since moved to a new location in the tank

The brittle sea star tries to climb the glass

and here is a picture I took BEFORE I did the final aquascape and epoxied everything in place.

Sadly the blue acro had RTN, and the green milli is showing some signs of it but has stopped. fingers crossed. Also made some noob mistakes as this was my first aquascape ever and over used the pink/purple epoxy in some places

any and all feedback/questions welcomed! Also looking to get a Vortech MP10




Jan 26, 2012 - Annnnd Cycle!


So it's been a while but I'm FINALLY cycling..


still building the sump so Im just cycling with a 5 Gallon bucket where the sump goes.


Here is the tank finally built, still working out the minor details on the overflow box. 


Filling it up :) (had to run two heaters till the new 150 got in)

.. love how much we play with water and electricity :)


Little androids watching the tank cycle.


Edit: just got home after posting this and had a nice package waiting for me! -- got everything from www.goreef.com .. no one else could price match for the apex! and their $60 phosban kit was an awesome deal!

Jan 8, 2012 - DIY LEDS!

So I'm back from a month of vacay and ready to spend the next week finalizing the tank. Need to figure out the DIY overflow and the sump, all the plumbing has been done and is ready to be filled.

Also made my way out to North American Fish Breeders in Scarborough and got some rock that Im eager to scape! Here is a little tease of the lighting! - 24 DIY Led kit from AquaStyleOnline.com (12 White, 10 Blue, 2 UV)

Here is plastering them and tinning the led pads.

All lit up! - next I need to look at a custom arduino controller with a 1024 step 10K pot or the DIM4 (if possible)..

Dec 04, 2011 - A New Tank!

So I'm calling this the "collusive" - as I'm building this tank with advise from everyone on a local forum www.GTAAquaria.com and... on a budget!

I got a 25 Gallon cube (18" x 18" x 18") (pre-drilled for 1.5" bulkheads) with a stand for what I think was a good deal.

with it came
- the 1.5" bulkheads
- 2 stepdown PVC adaptors from 1.5" to 3/4"
- a 1" Ballvalve
- Various PVC adaptors
- 10 ft of 3/4" PVC pipe
- Mag 7 Utility pump

This will be my second saltwater setup and I definitely want a sump!

I picked up a used coralife super skimmer as well with a rio 1100 pump from a local reefer, hopefully it works out well for me.